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Azul Zulu Enterprise on Ubuntu

Azul Systems
Azul Zulu Enterprise provides Java 8 and 7 JREs with support from Azul Systems

Azul Zulu is a JVM that is compliant with the Java SE specification. Zulu Enterprise in JRE form is an open source distribution of the Java Runtime Environment of the OpenJDK project. Each Zulu build goes through complete testing using formal TCKs and validation on the Azure platform. Use the JRE to run applications in any Java application stack, like JBoss, Tomcat, Hadoop, and other JVM-powered services, simply by pointing JRE_HOME at Zulu. Recent Zulu 8 and 7 JRE versions are installed side-by-side-by-side. Use Zulu to drive your cloud applications to new levels of ease and flexibility, with professional technical support by Azul included.

The Zulu Enterprise offering provides professional technical support. Your Zulu Enterprise support benefit starts once you contact Azul. Visit Zulu Enterprise to obtain your Azul support portal login credentials. Be sure to mention "Zulu Enterprise on Azure" when listing your environment details.

The recommended minimum Azure virtual machine size for Zulu is A1.