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Cautela Labs Log Management and SOC

Cautela Labs
Cautela Labs Log Manager is a cloud based log management solution.

Log Management

A large number of events cross your cloud network every minute, from servers, security devices, applications, and databases. Most of these events reflect normal operating status. The never-ending task is to identify those significant events that pose a security risk to your information assets so you can respond to them in real time, before a compromise occurs.

Organizations invest in technology to try and detect security events. However, devices such as those listed above generate extensive logs every day. These raw logs need to be monitored, collected, classified, and correlated to filter out false positives in order to identify, escalate and take action on the real security events of concern. This requires dedicated and skilled resources around the clock to review and interpret logs and alerts and can be costly.

Log Management from Cautela Labs can help improve your log management and security event analysis. Our solution helps provide near-real-time correlation and analysis of security and network events to enable an enhanced security response. Our cloud-based service can help reduce the up-front and long-term investment in on-premise hardware and software. By providing customizable reporting, this solution can also help ease regulatory compliance management.