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Cloudera Director

Deploy and Manage Cloudera Clusters on Azure with Cloudera Director

Deploy and Manage Cloudera Clusters on Azure

Use Cloudera Director to grow, shrink, monitor, and manage your transient Cloudera Enterprise clusters or, in conjunction with Cloudera Manager, persistent clusters.

A Cloudera Director server VM is provisioned along with the following required resources and services:

  • A new Virtual Network and Subnet
  • New Availability Sets
  • A MySQL database server
  • A DNS server to provide forward and reverse DNS resolution of private IP addresses in the Virtual Network

The Cloudera Director server will be configured with a sample environment. You can then deploy clusters with CentOS or RHEL VM images. Note that this is a reference implementation and should be modified to support your production environment.


You must obtain a service principal with contributor role to the subscription in Azure Active Directory. See Director Documentation for details.

Purchase a license for Advanced Capabilities and Support

The Cloudera trial license that enables Cloudera Enterprise features will expire in 60 days. Click for more information.

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