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ComUnity Citizen Engagement Platform

Enables Cities to connect, communicate with and service citizens across all socio-economic strata
The ComUnity Citizen Engagement Platform simplifies the way government organisations, of any size and nature, build and operate inclusive digital ecosystems - that are data driven and run on every conceivable mobile device and digital channel:
  • Cloud based Digital Operating Platform
  • Apps that run on every mobile phone and consumer technology
  • Data Driven architecture
  • Functions and features that drive and support world class digital experiences for Government2Citizen, Govenment2Business, Government2Employee and Government2Government initiatives
  • Open Software Development Kits to accelerate innovation and participation in government enabled digital ecosystems

The ComUnity Citizen Engagement Platform offers government organisations an end-to-end social and commercial media platform to accelerate the inclusive digital delivery of:

  • Multi-directional Citizen Communications
  • Service Delivery
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Active Citizenry
  • Socio-economic Upliftment