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Mavin Business

Mavin Global
A cloud based service designed to improve your company's quality of hire.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to send an email in order for us to activate your virtual machine to use the solution. Mavin Business Enterprise Edition is targeted for companies that have 20+ Job Titles. For companies below 20 job titles please use the Mavin Business Small Medium Edition.

Mavin Business is a revolutionary new Azure cloud service designed for recruiters and hiring managers looking to reduce the number of unfilled job openings they currently have and improve their overall quality of hire. Mavin Business is based on a new scientific approach known as the Mavin Job Communication Standard, research, developed and tested by the Mavin Global Company since 2009. Mavin Business helps your organization implement MJCS quick and easily enhancing the way your business recruits and retains guaranteeing more accurate and better results to your hiring and talent challenges for today's highly skilled demands.

By using Mavin Business cloud service in just a few minutes you will be able to

  • Increase your qualified applicant pool
  • Reduce the time to hire
  • Expedite new hire contribution
  • Reduce ongoing training costs
  • Strengthen retention