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CentOS 6.5 w/SaltStack Enterprise

CentOS 6.5 w/ SaltStack Enterprise

SaltStack Enterprise is proven, built and packaged for the unique requirements of enterprise IT and Web-scale operations. SaltStack Enterprise includes a graphical user interface, reporting and audit functions, user-based controls and permissions, a database and integrations with and support for proprietary third-party technologies. Subscribed customers receive exclusive, prioritized customer support and access to SaltStack Enterprise consulting services. The complete SaltStack Enterprise offering streamlines deployment and implementation providing customers with the fastest implementations and lowest cost of ownership. Enterprise customers also receive exclusive access to the SaltStack brain trust and can provide input into the SaltStack development roadmap. SaltStack Enterprise is a modern, more affordable alternative to the legacy systems management suites built decades ago. SaltStack Enterprise was built for Web scale and cloud infrastructure, with orchestration of the DevOps tool chain and native configuration management being a significant competitive advantage. Ultimately, SaltStack Enterprise provides extremely fast and scalable, flexible and intelligent orchestration and automation for CloudOps, ITOps and DevOps.