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Sinefa Probe

Collect data from network layer to create application utilisation network quality reports

Sinefa is a cloud based Network Visibility and Control service. We provide Global layer 7 visibility down to 1sec resolution, instant application prioritisation and network performance management.

Organisations use Sinefa to increase Customer Experience by ensuring that business critical applications are given priority over the data network and are protected from agressive and recreational data traffic.

Capabilities include:

  • Application Visibility - With Deep Packet Inspection and a dynamic intelligence engine you can see all the applications running on your network. Get a centralised global view of all locations and users in minutes from the cloud.
  • Live 1 second visibility - Nothing like seeing application traffic right now! Sinefa's pervasive visibility can tell you at any one second what traffic is on the entire network and across multiple locations. Respond to issues much faster with 1 sec network wide snapshot of apps, users, websites, flows and more, all from a single web browser.
  • Traffic Shaping - Simple, out of the box policies to make your network perform better and to increase your customer experience.