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Warewolf Ltd
Have you ever wished that your workflow design program could just do the programming for you?

Drag. Drop. Call. Service-oriented programming has never been easier or more efficient.

Since the 1950s, application programing has always been a two-step process: first you design the application and then you write the application. And, no matter how far our technology advances, we continue to hold on to this methodology; even in today’s service-oriented architecture driven landscape. But, did we ever stop to think about what could happen if the work we did in the design phase could just become the microservices in our applications? Welcome to Warewolf. Using the incredibly powerful flow-based drag and drop interface, Warewolf takes your workflow – including all of your various programming resources, elements, and connectors – and uses it to create actual, functioning microservices that can then be called throughout your application. Months of programming can now be accomplished in days, and days of programming can be accomplished in mere minutes. Development teams of two or three can now do what once took a small army of programmers. The award-winning Warewolf is open source and free to download. But be careful! Once bitten, it’s only a matter of time before you become a Warewolf, too.