Secure your AI workloads against emerging AI Security threats and connects with Azure Sentinel SIEM

The Bosch AIShield is an AI-security solution designed to protect AI-powered devices in the face of emerging security threats. AI systems are at the epicenter of security and privacy concerns among consumers across industries. Gartner indicated, 2 in 3 organizations are worried about AI-security issues. Our solution provides automated hacker-level vulnerability analysis and end-point protection to harden the systems against emerging AI-security threats. Our product easily integrates with Azure Sentinel SIEM to increase the adoption and deliver an enhanced and real-time experience to security teams

It protects the IP and brand of organizations against critical breaches and attacks on your AI systems (devices, assets, workloads, models). Protecting AI systems throughout their lifecycle and creating a trust for AI amongst consumers, organizations, and regulators is paramount with increasing adoption of AI to realize transforming impacts.

Azure Cloud SaaS Offerings:

The Bosch AIShield is available in two SaaS configurations and hosted on Azure Cloud. It is developed by adhering to design thinking to create novel UI/UX so that user can choose the best configuration for the systems to during the model development stages

  • Standalone tool with interactive UI for AI developers, business owners to explore and aid decision making. It facilitates accessibility and enables every developer to benefit from our patent-powered deep technology
  • Containerized microservice-based API for DevOps engineers, AI product developers to achieve scale by means of automation and make security engineering as part of MLOPs, CI/CD development workflow

Core features:

  1. Vulnerability scanning - Model theft vulnerability analysis for various types of AI/ML models
  2. Endpoint protection - Targeted defense generation and integration protecting against model extraction attacks
  3. Intrusion detection prevention - Real-time prevention of attacks and monitoring of new attacks
  4. Threat intelligence feed - Active threat hunting and incident report triggers
  5. Azure Sentinel Integration - Report security incidents via SIEM connectors to Azure Sentinel; Threat hunting capabilities aided by Vulnerability analysis and active monitoring

Additional features:

  • Supports 200+ attack types across 20+ types of model, data type variations (e.g.: image classification, time series forecasting etc.)
  • Able to ingest data, models from various storage types
  • Integration and deployment of end-point defense mechanisms along with the original model in target environments such as cloud or embedded.
  • Frequent attack database updates (e.g., OSINT, research, academia)
  • Native automation support (MLOps, DevOps) with containerized microservices-based API
  • Supports various business models