HCLTech Secure OT/IoT

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HCLTech Secure OT/IoT

HCL Technologies Limited.

HCLTech’s Security for OT & IoT services provide a comprehensive cyber monitoring of OT assets

HCLTech’s 360° SecureOT framework specially designed to enable enterprises to assess, define, strategize and handle their OT landscape in accordance with industry-accepted standards and cybersecurity guidelines. The framework covers the 4 dimensions vital to any OT landscape- people, technology, assets, process and compliance.

We specialize in deploying Microsoft Defender for IoT, an agentless monitoring solution to the digital infrastructure of enterprises with HCLTech’s 360° SecureOT solution

HCLTech’s Secure OT & IOT solutions utilizes Microsoft Defender for IoT solution to Detect, Prevent and Respond to any malicious activity/ security incident that might affect the critical OT environment. HCLTech’s 360° Secure OT service combined with Microsoft’s solution help customers achieve operational resilience and automated threat detection and response services

HCLTech’s 360° SecureOT Solution covers:

· Identification of Assets and security risks associated

· Detection of security threats through monitoring

· Protection through threat modelling and vulnerability management

· Integration with security monitoring, ITSM tools

· Detailed reporting

Value Delivered :

· Design and implementation of cybersecurity solutions aligned with industry standards and regulatory compliances

· Execution excellence with global pool experienced architects, effective deployment process to ensure minimal downtime and seamless implementation

· Real time monitoring and analytics powered operations

· Contextual threat intel -In-house threat hunting and intelligence research teams for successful mitigation of threats

· 24*7 global managed services operations with flexible pricing models