SUSE Enterprise Linux 12+24x7 Support

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP4 with 24x7 Integrated Support from SUSE and Microsoft

SUSE Enterprise Linux 12+24x7 Support


Plans and Pricing
This table provides the details about the plans and pricing
SUSE Enterprise Linux 12 SP4 +24x7 Support

A modular operating system that paves the way for IT transformation in the software-defined era with Standard (12x5) support and an Azure tuned kernel.

Pay-as-you-go-image with Standard Support, which includes updates, patches, and support through 12x5 web, email, chat and phone from Microsoft and SUSE.

Virtual machines created from this image incur per-hour support fees, in addition to Azure platform fees. An Azure support plan is required (developer or above). Support incidents are initiated through Azure Support.

Confidently run your production workloads on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) on Microsoft Azure, knowing that your service levels are guaranteed, and that help from SUSE and Microsoft engineers, if you need it, is just a phone call away.

The Azure-tuned kernel enables faster access to new and upcoming Azure features, helping customers to be more agile.

For ease of management integrate your instances with SUSE Manager for monitoring and managing your Linux virtual machines alongside physical machines and other systems in your environment.

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