Infrastructure Modern Assessment - (4 days)

ACP IT Solutions GmbH

Analyse Ihrer IT-Infrastruktur für eine Optimierung von Workloads - This offer is available in German and English

With the help of the Infrastructure Modernization Assessment by ACP, you set the course for the future.
The Infrastructure Modernization Assessment provides the basis for this with an initial analysis of your IT infrastructure in order to be able to derive initial recommendations for action and to guarantee a successful
outsourcing of your workloads to Azure.
This is illustrated by showing possible outsourcing scenarios of your virtualization environment and evaluating individual workloads. Thus, in addition to the pure evaluation of your IT infrastructure, a general,
independent presentation by adding possible optimizations, such as the transfer of already acquired licenses, is also part of the assessment.

Key content & deliverables
  • Detailed scoping of the customer needs to maximize the Workshop output
  • Assessment of the current IT infrastructure and environment, including on premises, cloud and outsourced installations for all affiliates / divisions as well as internal & external network connectivity, performance inventory (CPU, network, RAM, disk and storage) and line of business applications
  • Further Infrastructure Optimization Assessment including (but bot limited to): AD & User account assessment, data references, domain & trust account assessment, active user review, management & inventory tools and current coverage assessment
  • Device Assessment & Inventory
  • Virtual environment mapping

These analysis efforts will provide these key deliverables
  • Executive Summary: High level background of project background and scope, data discovery
  • Infrastructure Optimization Assessment review including information on upcoming end-of-life products & upgrade path recommendations, recommendation for User & workload shift to the cloud (Azure & EMS, IaaS, PaaS), post migration cloud optimization for virtual machines and server workload usage & implementation requirements
  • Cloud disaster recovery options
  • Pricing & cost plan
  • A customized migration plan