Azure IoT Universal Tracking:1-Day Implementation

Advanced Wireless Network Company Limited

AIS Universal Tracking Platform runs on Microsoft Azure and Azure Iot services providing web and mobile applications connected to the AWN-wided network across Thailand.

AIS IoT service platform has been developed from Microsoft Azure background and even more related to Azure IoT modules. This IoT platform provides web applications and mobile applications running on iOS or Android operating systems connected to a nation-wide AWN network which is located across Thailand. This IoT platform can be extened to many IoT products and services such as universal tracking, automated machine control etc. The concept is that receiving data from the device and sends those data to the cloud computing system to process the data and display the values on the platform page using Azure IoT Central. This can also perform device management such as creating device information, enable device, create Geo-fence, settings device notifications, device status and location, device control under specified conditions as well as check for alarm, location report, temperature report, etc.

Value Proposition;

  • Convenient as tit supports 'scan and go' feature.
  • Simple and easy to operate as it supports multiple device form factors in the single platform.
  • Reduce costs and resources. (e.g. License fee, Infrastructure, platform, MA, Staff)

Service Description;

  • Asessment & report analysis
  • 1-Day Customer Adoption
  • Centralize as single IoT Tracking Portal
  • Platform customization supported
  • Total solution (Device + Connectivity + Platform + Web/App)

Deliverables include IoT Tracking Management Platform

  • Device Management
  • Device Monitoring
  • Device Control
  • Search and Customization
  • Report
  • Support
  • User Management

Price: Platform annual fee is 300 THB/device unit (Excl. VAT). Service Duration: After customers purchase IoT devices from AIS, they can request to use the platform immediately.