Lighthouse - Walmart Luminate Accelerator

Advancing Analytics

Advancing Analytics Lighthouse is an accelerator for organisations integrating Walmart Luminate data streams.

Project Lighthouse, conceived by Advancing Analytics, aims to enhance the Modern Data Lakehouse framework to address challenges encountered while integrating Walmart Luminate's data streams. Walmart Luminate is an all-encompassing analytics toolkit that grants U.S. retailers and suppliers unprecedented access to in-depth, unified customer data, thereby streamlining the decision-making process. This toolkit delivers a unified perspective of customer interactions across various channels, enabling suppliers to closely examine shopper behaviors, collect direct customer feedback, test novel growth strategies, and assess their success.

Engineered to fast-track the Luminate deployment process and minimize time-to-insight, Project Lighthouse offers the following benefits for Retail & CPG entities selling products through Walmart:

  • An Azure-based data platform
  • Comprehensive logic and integration for assimilating Luminate API feeds, including Shopper Behavior, Channel Performance, and Customer Perception
  • Data cleansing and transformation processes
  • Sample SKU mapping from your product codes to Walmart's SKUs
  • A representative data model, configured and deployed on Azure
  • A collection of quick-start reports for swifter data-driven insights
  • A straightforward deployment framework to tie it all together.

By doing so, Lighthouse eliminates any ambiguity in category-specific analytics using Walmart Luminate.

Lighthouse is built on Azure using the following technologies:

  • Azure Data Lake
  • Azure Databricks
  • Power BI