Migrate Local MS SQL Database To Azure: 4-Wk Imp.


Akvelon’s Migration Services will migrate your local MS SQL Server Workload to Azure SQL Database Cloud Services or Azure VM in a quick, safe, and cost-effective manner.

Azure SQL database is the most popular and trusted database-as-a-service (DBaaS) platform, offering many benefits to those who make the switch. However, this switch can be very difficult, especially when it comes to moving your local MS SQL Database to Azure MS SQL Server. With Akvelon’s Migration Service, we’ll ensure that your transition is as smooth, safe, and fast as possible.


  1. Meet with client to review the current infrastructure of your SQL estate and to identify and plan required actions
  2. Meet with client to review current SQL deployments requiring migration, determine architecture, infrastructure, performance, security, compliance, availability, backup and recovery, migration strategy requirements
  3. Prepare migration plan, including help in selecting the Azure SQL Cloud Destination (Iaas or PaaS) that is best suited for client’s needs. A plan will include a specific scope that will need to be agreed with the client to proceed further
  4. Test compatibility of moving existing solution into the selected destination and correct any discovered issues
  5. Migrate database utilizing correct migration tools
  6. Maximize the performance of SQL databases by sizing correctly
  7. Develop the entire set of documentation (architecture, guides, how-tos)


  • A new architecture of client’s infrastructure based on the best practices of Azure Cloud Service
  • Successful migration of current infrastructure into Azure
  • Scripts, credentials, etc. necessary for deployment and maintenance
  • Documentation on how to maintain your new Azure solution


  • Price provided for MS SQL Database migration with less than 50 tables and less than 30 Gb
  • Azure subscription will be provided by the client
  • Post-migration support options are available