Platform Readiness and Maturity: 6-Hr Assessment


Understand where you are in your AKS journey, what your gaps are, what you need to focus on and why. Avoid critical mistakes to maximize ROI


  • Technical sessions with certified experts to evaluate the maturity of the AKS clusters and identify potential issues
  • Working closely with your Engineers and Architects throughout the entire process


  • Interviews (via video conferencing solution or onsite) and documentation reviews
  • Evaluation and recommendations for alignment with industry standards combined with AKS best practices and norms
  • Comprehensive roadmap based on the current maturity state targeted at evolving the AKS platform and remediating existing issues
  • Presentation of findings from assessment, including assessment summary and prioritized backlog


  • Assessment of current AKS implementation, work processes, technologies, and skill-sets
  • A clear understanding of how your AKS implementation and work processes compare to best practices and norms
  • A roadmap that identifies steps to improve your current AKS implementation and processes

Target Audience

  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Developer Leads
  • Infrastructure Leads




  • Technical Sessions
  • Microsoft Teams Interviews

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