Digital Connectivity Check Assessment

ANS Group Limited

A free assessment to understand the suitability of your networking and security foundations for supporting Azure cloud and digital services.

This assessment will provide you with analysis of the efficiency, existing architecture, risk and operating model for your environment and the suitability of the networking and security platform to support the adoption and consumption of Microsoft Azure cloud and digital services.

This assessment is ideal for organisations that are:

  • Looking to move from on-premises to Microsoft Azure
  • Moving to internet-first connectivity
  • Planning to utilise more SaaS based services like Microsoft Office 365
  • Changing current connectivity from a traditional to a modern SD-WAN service

Once we've completed a review of your network efficiency, architecture, security and operating model. We’ll provide you with an unbiased and external view of how you are using your connectivity today, how you want to connect your sites and people tomorrow and how to bridge the gap to enable you to achieve that goal. We’ll compile all the information and present this back to you. We’ll tell you where your network is great, or if you can make improvements.

The outputs of the assessment will include:

  • A business case - you'll get a full, board-ready business case covering the TCO, ROI and full benefits breakdown for your organisation.
  • Future Operating model - We’ll review the current team with regards to managing and operating a modern connectivity service. If you require a Co-Managed approach, we can help you build a CoE to optimise the operating model.
  • Commercial model - We’ll provide you with a commercial model that meets your CAPEX and OPEX requirements and helps you understand the costs of the future state vs current state. Transformation plan - You’ll receive a roadmap that shows you how to modernise your network