App Modernization | 5 Day Assessment

Applaudo Studios S.A. de C.V.

As the digital world zooms forward, companies must accelerate to keep up and App Modernization is crucial to bringing companies into the Digital Economy and more!

Modern companies need modernized apps to capture, maximize and get the most horsepower out of their technologies. You are looking to transform legacy apps or you are looking to be more efficient and powerful with the use of Microsoft’s ecosystem, Applaudo Studios brings recognized expertise for your application-led cloud strategy. Applaudo is trusted by Microsoft to do just this for one of Microsoft’s most strategic accounts, Walmart.


Get an accurate understanding of your company’s legacy systems, the inputs and outputs that drove those legacy decisions and data based information that will lead to an informed and structured business case around re-engineering, renewing and modernization your company’s applications.

Considerations and informed recommendations will be made around:

APPLICATION FUNCTIONALITY | Understand pathway to get the most of your current applications and their environments, how efficiently they are running and how to plan for easier maintenance and more scalability

PLATFORM & MIGRATION | Strategy for how to migrate and leverage cost savings, on-prem dependencies, power, infrastructure and support

ARCHITECTURE | Identify scenarios around:

· Rehost to Azure in a “Lift and Shift” scenario

· Replace and consider a SaaS solution

· Refactor & Rewrite


A modernization game plan that considers timelines, migration strategies according to application functionality in reality and near-term and recommendations on how to engage in Microsoft’s latest cloud offerings, choose scalable IT solutions and all with the overarching goal of taking your business to the modern age.