Analytics Service - Build Data Platform: 2-Wk-Impl

B3IT Management AB

Analytics as a Service (AaaS) "Starter-Pack" provides an 2 week implementation of a Azure data platform solution for your company´s analytical needs.

At B3 our Experts help businesses transform their data into actionable insights and we help them to use their information to make intelligent business decisions. B3 Analytics as a Service (AaaS) “Starter Pack” is the Go-To offer when starting the journey of obtaining a modern BI-solution for your company´s analytical needs.

In this offering B3’s experts will during 2 weeks build and implement a cloud-based BI-solution using the data services in Microsoft Azure and build an interactive Power BI Dashboard based on your data. Since we’re utilizing cloud-services, we can help you realize an efficient and detailed analysis of your data at a lower cost.

It is easy to get started and you will get professional results quickly. Power BI is a great tool for companies looking to strengthen their analytic capabilities and help propel data-driven decision making throughout the organization.

We will build a data-platform and analytics capability using: • Azure DB • Azure Storage/Data Lake • Azure Data Factory • Power Bi

During 10 days (Doesn't have to be consecutively) • 1 day onsite Power Bi training and inspiration to understand what´s possible within a cloud based analytic solution.
• 1 day Technical workshop to define requirements and decide on data sources. • 4 day - Set up availability, access, authorisation. Connect to data source and build data piplines to Azure • 2 days - Modelling the logic • 2 days - Set up in Power BI templates and connect to Azure data sources

Above Azure services can be deployed using your exiting Microsoft agreements or as an optional step B3 can easily, with monthly subscriptions, provide these cloud services for you.

As a optional next step B3 offers a "Analytics as a Service" Managed Service Offer where B3's experts help you:

• Drive and develop continuous improvement with additional features • New data sources • New reports and dashboards • Add AI / ML features to your BI platform.