AI-infused Customer Analytics and Insights Proof of Value

Cegeka NV

Unlock the full potential of your customer data with Cegeka's AI-infused Customer Analytics and Insights.

With years of experience in delivering successful data-driven solutions, we bring a wealth of data & AI knowledge and expertise to the table. Supported by our team’s broad field of competences, we can offer an end-to-end approach, taking care of each and every aspect of your customer analytics journey.

This offering provides a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to gain insights into their customers and optimize their customer experience. Our solutions combine advanced analytics and AI technology to provide a complete picture of customer behavior, preferences, and feedback, while aiding in processing messy product/customer data.

Our approach involves collecting and integrating customer data from multiple sources from throughout the organization. Our team of experts then performs advanced analytics and AI modeling to uncover patterns and trends, providing valuable insights into your customers and their behavior. We have worked out a standardized offering that consists of tools to perform following topics: 

  • Customer matching/deduplication: extracting a ‘golden record’ from your potentially scattered and ungoverned customer data silo’s 

  • Customer segmentation: extracting general persona’s from your customer data 

  • Customer 360 view: bringing all your customer data together in a centralized data platform 

  • Repurchase analytics: Predicting likelihood to repurchase 

  • Customer Buying Journey: developing recommender engines, capable of presenting the most relevant product to the correct customer. 

Any custom development is, of course, also possible. 

With the insights gained from our Customer Analytics solution, organizations can optimize their customer experience, increase customer satisfaction, and drive growth by delivering the right products and services to the right customers at the right time. 

For this, you can benefit from our expertise: Our team of AI and data engineering experts has a wealth of experience in helping businesses harness the power of AI. During the PoV, you will have the opportunity to benefit from their extensive expertise in all aspects of data science (Azure ML, Azure Databricks and Azure Cognitive Services) and data engineering and gain valuable insights into the world of AI.


Depending on your data&AI maturity, we start the PoV with an AI ideation to define, together, the most valuable AI use cases for your organization. 

After the AI Ideation workshop, we deliver a detailed quote to understand the required investments to develop the Proof of Value while providing at the same time an understanding of what full scale development would require in addition. When given the green light, we pursue the development of the prioritized use cases in the following timeline: 

  • Data gathering and model design: 2-3 weeks 
  • Model development and deployment: 1-2 weeks 
  • Demo and presentation: 1 week 
  • Final report delivery: 1 week after presentation


  • A Customer Analytics prototype. 

  • A report documenting the design, development and validation of the customer analytics model. Potential improvements and next steps are also included. 

  • A demo of the solution, showcasing its capabilities and performance. 

* Pricing depends on complexity and duration of the project.