GlidePath™ for Cloud Governance: 2-4 Week Workshop

Sirius Computer Solutions

GlidePath™ for Cloud Governance Standard Service delivers a 40 hour workshop and discovery plus a 2-4 weeks Baseline Governance Deployment in your Azure Environment.

The GlidePath™ for Cloud Governance Standard Service includes an in-depth workshop and discovery totaling 40 hours that focuses on Access, Security, and Governance in Azure. This service also includes a Baseline Governance deployment over a 2- to 4-week period to help you improve your Azure security posture. As part of this deployment, we will deliver the same services detailed under our Basic plan PLUS:

    Policy Customization ~ Create up to five (5) custom policies across
    • Security
    • Cost Management
    • Identity Management
    • Resource Management
    • Infrastructure Optimization
    Advanced Monitoring
    • Up/Down resource monitors
    • Policy Creation and notifications
    • Update Requirements
    • Basic Performance
    • Log Monitors
    MVP Containers Policy Initiative
    • Deployed to a subset of resources while mentoring your team
    • Contains a collection of built in security, resource and deployment policies for containers that can individually turn on/off


Day 0 - Kickoff call
  • Engagement Planning
  • Review scope, requirements, and agenda
Day 1-2: Discovery
    Review Cloud Adoption Strategy
    • Understand motivations
    • Business outcomes
    • Business justifications
    • Priorities
    Review Current Azure environment
Day 3-5: Workshop
    Review Current and Future state
    • Security Baseline policy Initiative
    • Azure Cost Management
    • Identity Baseline
    • Resource Consistency
    • Deployment Acceleration
    • Azure Subscriptions, Management Groups and Resource Groups
    • Resource Naming conventions and tagging
    • ARM Templates
    • Blueprints
    • Advanced Azure Monitoring
    • Policy Customization
    • Containers Policy Initiative
2-4 Weeks: Deployment:
    Deployment of Baseline Governance based on the findings from the Workshop and Discovery.