DevSecOps Accelerator – 2 Week Implementation

Architech Solutions Consulting Services Inc

Go to market 54% faster with full end-to-end DevSecOps capabilities including automated CI/CD pipelines, Security-as-Code (SaC) and more.

Why embed security into your DevOps practice?

According to the 2022 Open-Source Security & Risk Analysis Report, 97% of enterprise software uses open-source solutions and 81% contains at least one known vulnerability. If those vulnerabilities aren’t addressed, they can open up the risk of cyberattack. Integrating security that draws on traditional DevOps methods, can help detect cybersecurity issues earlier in the development cycle.

Architech DevSecOps Accelerators has full end-to-end DevSecOps capabilities, including automated continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipelines. Every layer is built with Security-as-Code (SaC), integration pipelines that auto-scan open source libraries for dependencies and vulnerabilities, and deployment pipelines optimized for automatic backend, functional, and regression testing.

What's included:

  • All layers are built with Security-as-Code (SaC) whereby organizations analyze their security configuration, change, and redeploy easily. They can also continuously monitor the state of their security configuration to evaluate whether it matches policies throughout development and deployment.

  • Integration pipelines auto-scan open-source libraries for dependencies, vulnerabilities, secret and access tokens, and code quality. This speeds up vulnerability detection and patching early in the software lifecycle.

  • Deployment pipelines are optimized for automated back-end, functional, and regression testing.

  • Decoupling of CI from CD Pipelines (a) allows “build once, run anywhere” for consistency and reusability, and rerun, reconfigure, or rollback deployments without requiring rebuilds.

  • Manual intervention allows for control points to govern promotion to higher environments, especially if unwanted deployments tend to propagate.

  • You can test and validate the state of the entire environment, not just a singular component.

This solution is designed as a consulting service. In terms of Azure professional services, this solution covers the following: Azure Digital Transformation, Azure Modernization, Cloud Transition Services, and Security.

In this engagement, Architech will deliver professional implementation services using the Architech DevSecOps Accelerator and the following Microsoft and/or third-party services:

  • Azure Container Instances, Kubernetes, AppServices
  • GitHub Enterprise
  • GitHub Actions
  • GitHub Codespaces
  • Mend/Whitesource or Snyk
  • SonarCloud

Estimated length of delivery time. Price is subject to change based on the scope of engagement.