GreenOps for Sustainability: 2 weeks Assessment

Claranet Limited

Claranet can help you make more sustainable IT decisions, giving you an overview of the carbon impact of your workloads, as you progress on your Azure journey.

Businesses are realising that it is essential to achieve the objective of Net Zero globally. The flexibility of cloud services represents both an opportunity and a real challenge, in terms of budgeting and modelling. Plus, to behave responsibly in the cloud, you need reliable measurements and informed decisions.

Claranet’s GreenOps is an Azure managed service that allows you better understand your carbon emissions, and subsequently improve reporting on sustainability and reduce carbon emissions across your business.

Our expert Azure GreenOps team will bring together finance, technology, and business stakeholders to agree shared sustainability objectives and understand how they can be met whilst also maintaining a business advantage.

Azure GreenOps consists of three iterative phases:

  1. Inform: to provide visibility and allocation of carbon emissions so your business has a clear view of what Azure resources are being used and what will be used in the future.

  2. Optimise: to strategically reduce your carbon emissions. This phase involves reducing services or upgrades you no longer need, automating, rightsizing resources, optimising databases and other recommendations.

  3. Operate: to help your business create and adopt an Azure GreenOps framework that provides continuous carbon emission reporting and courses of action to reduce that number.

Sustainable business is a core principle that Claranet was founded on 25-years ago . We know how important cloud migration is to fuel sustainable business transformation, because we too are on the journey to become a green business. A cloud-first strategy means our people can perform their best work from anywhere.

Our ISO 14001 accreditation highlights our dedication to sustainable working practices. And as an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider, we signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge to explore the role technology can play to address broader societal challenges.