Smart Renewable Energy Management in 3 weeks

Columbus Global

Provide Smart Renewable Energy Management with our digital platform to create plug-and-play solutions in your energy distribution.

Efficient Management of Renewable Energy

Columbus provides Smart Renewable Energy Management via a digital data platform creating plug-and-play solutions in your energy distribution function using the Azure platform.

Our smart renewable energy digital data platform actively analyzes data on your energy consumption sources. It provides insights to help you make an optimal decision on how and where it needs to be distributed.

By deploying the Digital Data Platform for Smart Renewable Energy Distribution Management, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Proactive management of your smart renewable energy distribution
  • Real-time access to data on various energy consumption requirements with our live dashboard and active notifications
  • Predictive analysis helps you save operational costs
  • Enables you to make informed decisions about the distribution, which in turn enhances the performance of your business
  • The machine-learning algorithm based forecast helps in getting accurate frequency and price details for future periods
  • Supports in adhering to your environmental sustainability goals
  • Intelligent analytics provides real-time information that can be used to improve customer satisfaction
  • Enables easy accessibility of the Power BI reports and dashboards from anywhere and anytime.
  • Our approach

    We can offer support in implementing the solution, as well as initially developing the proof of concept. The estimated price is for implementation services.


  • Onboard the Columbus team – 1 day
  • Understand requirements and vectors – 1 day
  • Understand business rules – 1 day
  • Development – 12 days
  • Testing – 3 days
  • Deploy – 2 days
  • * The price estimate is based on data from 4 specific vectors connected to one data platform, same business rules, and dashboards. The final pricing and timeframe will be based on custom terms, and the customer is responsible for procuring required Azure Services.

    Proof of Concept:

  • Onboard the Columbus team – 1 day
  • Understand requirements and vectors– 1day
  • Understand business rules – 2 days
  • Understand dashboard requirements – 3 days
  • Development – 10 days
  • Testing – 3 days