Cloud Cost Optimisation - 2-Wk Assessment

Communications Design & Management Pty Ltd

Azure cloud cost optimisation service, an obligation free Consulting Service over a 2 week offer designed to help organisations optimise cost and maximise ROI across their Hybrid Cloud Environments

CDM offers a flexible Cloud Cost Optimisation service for all existing and new cloud workloads. CDM has a detailed understanding of Azure cost management and will assess and make recommendations in optimal cost management of your Azure workloads in the following:

Configure budget utilisation and alerts in Azure Cost Management. Research Azure region pricing for services before stretching the applications to Azure regions. Keep Azure resources clean and tidy using Resource Groups Delete unnecessary resources Use Azure Storage SMB file shares Dev/Test Labs should be used for development and test environments De-allocate virtual machines when they’re not in use Use the Auto-shutdown feature for your virtual machines Configure Azure Automation to automate repetitive tasks.