App Modernization Sprint Zero on Azure: 2-Week Workshop


Capture business requirements, identify new capabilities and potential optimizations, and produce an application development backlog and recommendations to leverage modern application architectures.

Many organizations are facing the need to modernize their applications to adapt to new security or business objectives, but struggle to identify a starting point for that transformation. Others want to get started on a new development, but the project fails to gain traction due to a lack of clarity and direction.

Sprint 0 aims to alleviate these problems by assessing and identifying system functionalities and business requirements in detail, outlining those details through diagrams, then further breaking those details down into small, actionable pieces that can be prioritized, assigned, and tracked.

The final goal of Sprint 0 is to create an overall roadmap and product backlog so that development can begin working toward a minimum viable product in Microsoft Azure that will allow organizations to go to production faster and create the foundation for future feature development.


  • Week 1:
    • Gather business requirements from key stakeholders
    • Event Storming technique to create powerful new capabilities
  • Week 2:
    • Develop plan for high resiliency, scalability and iterative updates in Azure
    • Deliver strategy to ensure success in your Azure application modernization project