DevOps Starter in Microsoft Azure: 4 Day Workshop

Computer Solutions East

In this workshop, IT employees will be acquainted with essential DevOps concepts, deep insights on technologies and services in Azure.

IT Professionals will be introduced to fundamental automation, configuration, and deployment management to construct a complete continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline. Concepts such as template authoring, command-line tools (PowerShell and cross-platform), and Visual Studio Team Services will be covered.

Who should attend the workshop? IT Executives Developers DevOps Engineers

Daily Agenda : Get Insights on:

Day 1: Comprehend basic Azure advancements (IaaS and PaaS)

Day 2: Center DevOps and Agile strategies and how they relate with a software arrangement pipeline

Day 3: Step by step instructions to mechanize and oversee Azure DevOps project which includes, PowerShell or CLI

Day 4: Get the most effective method to use Azure Resource Manager formats to manufacture and oversee organizations from easy to complex tasks at hand and arrangements

Productive measures to execute proper arrangements in the Azure board, source control, and azure workflow into a persistent application life cycle

Integrate configuration management and DevOps measures into a persistent combination and deployment pipeline