IAM Student Passport: 2-Hr Briefing

Condatis Group Limited

Our Student Passport solution leverages decentralized identity technologies to offer education providers optimised student enrolment and movement.

Condatis offer bespoke Identity and Access Management solutions based on Microsoft Azure technology. We integrate with various technologies combining decentralized and centralized identity solutions. We are a world-leading identity and security specialist, a Microsoft Gold Partner and one of four Microsoft global partners selected for Verifiable Credentials consultancy.

Our Student Passport solution leverages decentralized identity technologies to offer education providers optimised student enrolment and movement. This technology can be integrated with existing enrolment, IT and student information systems to issue secure digital proofs of identity and attainment within secure mobile wallets held by the student themselves.

The Condatis Student Passport provides seamless student identity verification across distributed campuses using standard mobile devices and digital wallets. This new digital solution drastically reduces the time spent for administrators to carry out paper-based credential verification, taking weeks’ worth of manual processing down to under a minute. Common credentials for students will likely include digital badging credentials and digital transcripts. Multiple data sources can be queried to generate credentials and build the students a digital backpack, supporting them throughout their student journey and beyond.

During our 2-hour briefing: Hour 1: introduction to verifiable credentials. As we introduce and discuss verifiable credentials, we’ll also discover the many ways they can be applied in a university environment. Hour 2: use case creation, we’ll take our learnings from the first hour, and apply verifiable credentials in real-life scenarios of your choice.



  • Universities: Prepares for future transformation, future proofing, clears IT estate, frees up IT time, sells reputation as a digital-first university.
  • Students: Digital-first lifestyles, compatible with employer and training systems.
  • Employers: Working with their systems and new way of working.


  • Universities: Addresses students’ needs and targets. Builds reputation.
  • Students: Builds individual employability and enhances career.
  • Employer: Widens talent pool, enables programmes.


  • Universities: Reduces the costs involved, including manual processes, admin staff, resources etc. and allows for budget reallocation. Data is stored with students.
  • Students: Secure, self-owned, flexible, transportable, and permanent.
  • Employers: Minimizes fraud and reduces costs and risks associated with hiring and university programmes.


  • Universities: Green targets and reduction of resources.
  • Students: Appeals to Gen Z’s sustainable vision of the future by removing paperwork and cutting down on costs and resources to replace lost transcripts.
  • Employers: Easy to manage, cutting down on admin time, iterative assessment.

The Condatis Student Passport offers future expansion and builds upon your existing Microsoft infrastructure. We look forward to you joining us for your comprehensive briefing.