Secure External Identities: AD B2C 1-Hr Briefing

Condatis Group Limited

Condatis will help you understand the benefits of Azure AD B2C, how B2C helps connect you with customers, citizens and other external identities to build trusted digital relationships.

This service is designed to brief organisations on the benefits of Azure AD B2C, helping you connect with customers, citizens or other external identities and build trusted digital relationships beyond your organisational boundary.

Briefing Structure

The first part of the call will focus on understanding your current digital landscape and business requirements for external identity and access management. In the next part of the meeting, we will focus on the benefits of Azure AD B2C and how it may be implemented as part of your strategy for managing external identities.

We will touch on the key benefits we see when supporting similar organisations that have leveraged the power and flexibility of Azure AD B2C to:

• Drive digital success for new and returning customers • Provide high availability to scale to hundreds of millions of customers • Customisation for the registration and sign-in experience • Prevent identity fraud with strong authentication for your customers using their preferred identity provider • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements • Integrate with apps and databases to capture sign-in and conversion data • Unify customer management via CRM integration (including Dynamics 365 and Salesforce) • Deliver seamless customer experience with single sign-on (SSO) to multiple products and services • Provide localisation allowing you to support multiple locales or languages for customer journeys

About Condatis

Condatis is a world-leading identity and security specialist and Microsoft Gold Partner. We deliver employee, customer, and partner identity solutions to drive growth, reduce friction and improve security. Clients look to Condatis to facilitate innovation in identity and extend their internal capabilities. We are proven digital identity thought leaders with a track record of developing, designing, implementing, and supporting solutions at each stage of an organisation's external identity journey.