Excel Validation Engine Automation: 4-weeks PoC


Automate your Excel or CSV files consolidation by removing repetitive manual processes.

Do you currently get multiple excel files that you need to merge? Do you currently copy-paste information from one file to another? Do you currently have a process that involves someone putting together multiple excel files in order to make a report or get the consolidated data?

Data-Driven offers a 4-week engagement to automate your Excel or CSV files consolidation using Microsoft Azure cloud technologies, the files can be shared with you internally or come from external sources such as business partners or suppliers.

We focus on automating all the repetitive tasks while consolidating such files. The tasks can start from a simple copy-paste to a more business complex rule/logic. Everything that is done repetitively can be automated in the process. We provide an extensible framework, using Azure services such as Databricks, Synapse, Data Factory and SharePoint.

Business Benefits of the PoC:

  • Automate a currently manual process
  • Remover human error
  • Reduce risk by improving data security, data quality and version control
  • Reduce time to output and get the final output in minutes, not days
  • Establish better processes
  • Cloud-based solution

As part of the PoC, Data-Driven will design, implement, and deliver an end-to-end workflow from the ingestion of the files, the rules engine with business logic and manual process to be automated to the output file either in a database, exportable CSV file, or a Power BI report to visualise the data.

Agile Approach

  1. Choose the Outcome - We engage with you to identify a strategic use case before the POC implementation
  2. We Build your Power App Solution - We build your business app to meet your requirements
  3. Get Insights - We surface the insights in Power BI

About Us At Data-Driven we strive to make our customers succeed by leveraging our industry experience and using a collaborative approach. We deliver innovative data and AI solutions to help organisations build a data-driven culture and empower their business decisions with insights.


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