Azure Synapse - Data Warehouse : 1-Wk Assessment


We help you build a plan to successfully implement in your company a modern data warehouse plus a data analytics infrastructure and evaluate its impact.

During this one week assessment service, one of our cloud computing experts will work with at least one person from your company.

The assessment work will cover various topics, these are the highlights:

  • Determine critical success factors and project's scope of work
  • Data sources availability and quality
  • Data sources resilience
  • Effort needed to cleanse and prepare the data before storage in the Data Warehouse
  • Goals and objectives in terms of Data Analysis requirements

Deliverable: at the end of this assessment phase, based on your current IT environment and your future goals & objectives, our consultants will provide a report that demonstrates all the required steps and elements to successfully implement a modern Data Warehouse. You will also have a more in depth view of the benefits you will get after implementing this modern infrastructure on the Azure Platform.

This service focuses on:

  • Azure Synapse / Azure Synapse Studio: This all in one Platform as s Service (PaaS) covers different processes we use when we implement a modern data infrastructure for storage and analysis. From this service we will show you how we can connect to various data sources, ingest the data, store it in a persistent storage area, clean and prepare the data, run machine learning capabilities when required and finally make the data available for end users to consume it using Power BI and Azure Machine Learning Studio.

Azure Data Factory: We might use this service independently from Azure Synapse to connect and extract the data from your data sources. Azure Data Factory helps us orchestrate data cleansing and transformation tasks using data flows and Azure Databricks Python and Scala notebooks.

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