Secure Your Cloud Apps POC (10-day)


Cloud can be a great enabler to make your applications scalable and widely available. Learn how we can secure your application with Web Application Firewall and protect your app against DDOS attacks.

Secure your applications with WAF workshop (3-day)

The goal is to firstly identify which topics are valuable to you and secondly engage with your stakeholders in these specific topics surrounding the several Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) flavors. This can go from enabling a WAF for a specific application or creating a global WAF strategy. During these workshops we will further zoom in on your security posture, ambition & possibilities on Azure.


  • Discovery workshop
    • Capture today’s security concerns. Outcomes are input for the next, more tailored, security workshop.
    • Understand Azure Security technical capabilities, like Azure Web Application Firewall, Azure Front Door (Premium) & more.
  • Tailored Application Security Workshop.
  • Scoping workshop for POC / pilot use cases.

Proof-of-Concept / Production Pilot implementation (7-day)

Engage in a POC / pilot to build a solution that directly impacts the security posture of your cloud environment. For example, you have a highly containerized environment and want to securely publish your application to the public internet.


  • Implementation of POC / pilot use case within or around flavors of Azure WAF: protect your cloud resources on layer 7, like app service, Azure container instance, Kubernetes & much more.
  • Assess and understand how built-in cloud security improves your organization's security posture.
  • Learn about tools and services that can mitigate risks.
  • Learn how to customize OWASP rulesets.
  • Learn to easily add and customize new rules to meet your application security requirements.
  • Explore recommendations and next steps based on POC / pilot outcomes (security roadmap).
  • POC / Pilot wrap-up & handover.


POC / pilot use case implemented with technical documentation.