OSDU Strategy Roadmap: 1-Month Workshop


OSDU Road Roadmap and Strategy Development: Defining your North Star

One of the most challenging aspects of any large-scale project is the development of the overall strategy and framework for success. Determining a clear scope, from business use-cases to delivery timelines to go-live and beyond is critical to a successful delivery.

From initial planning and infrastructure decisions to user adoption and organizational change management, EPAM works with your organization to define the best strategy and roadmap to ensure successful Microsoft Azure deployment, integration, and socialization of your OSDU platform.

Key area/functions where EPAM can assist:

  • Infrastructure Strategy & Microsoft Azure Enablement
  • Whether shaping industry standards or defining your path to a single SOR, EPAM partners with our customers to design the best Data Management Strategy to meet their corporate goals
  • We support our customers business with articulation of use cases and breakdown to design a delivery Roadmap with milestones
  • EPAM’s breadth of industry application development and integration experience can support your organization with a clear Adoption & Integration Strategy for your preferred application suites
  • EPAM’s consulting services work with your organization to detail your Current State vs. Future State Architecture, uncovering workflow gaps and identifying best practices to streamline your OSDU workflows
  • Organizational Change Management can be the largest impediment to driving technology adoption. EPAM will work with your teams to create plans to drive user adoption and help your organization drive a successful OSDU implementation


  • Setting a solid roadmap for your OSDU strategy, with proper benchmarks and business involvement, creates the best environment for successful OSDU implementation and adoption