Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) - 4-Wk Assessment and Setup

Exodus Integrity Services, Inc.

Our Azure Virtual Desktop assessment and setup will allow your organization confidently deploy and manage a virtual desktop infrastructure in Azure.

Over the course of four weeks, this implementation plan outlines the strategic steps to assess and establish Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) for enhanced productivity. Beginning with stakeholder engagement and Azure subscription setup, it swiftly progresses through network evaluation, virtual machine image preparation, and AVD configuration. The subsequent phase involves careful deployment, integrating resources, and pilot testing among a select user group. Following optimization based on usage trends, scaling up for full user capacity, and comprehensive security review, the plan culminates in user training, documentation, and final AVD deployment. This approach ensures a seamless transition to a robust and secure virtual desktop environment.

Week 1: Assessment and Planning

  • Project kickoff and requirement gathering with stakeholders.
  • Set up or use an existing Azure subscription and configure Azure Active Directory (AAD) access.
  • Define network and security requirements, including VPN and firewall configurations.
### Week 2: Infrastructure Setup
  • Assess network infrastructure and plan for necessary improvements.
  • Prepare virtual machine images with required applications and configurations.
### Week 3: Deployment and Testing
  • Configure AVD environment, including host pools and session hosts.
  • Integrate with Azure resources such as storage and networking.
  • Deploy virtual desktops to a pilot user group for testing.
### Week 4: Optimization and Finalization
  • Optimize resource allocation based on usage patterns.
  • Scale up the environment to accommodate the full user load.
  • Provide user training and create documentation.
  • Review security measures, implement multi-factor authentication, and address compliance requirements.
  • Perform final testing and execute the full AVD deployment for all users.
Total costs will depend on number of users and servers setup.