Intune setup: 4-Wk Implementation

Exodus Integrity Services, Inc.

Effortlessly implement Intune: Seamless MDM, MAM, app deployment & security settings. Tailored setup for streamlined device management.

The Intune setup project strategically spans four weeks, seamlessly incorporating Endpoint Manager. This initiative includes meticulous evaluation of Azure AD compatibility, precise policy configuration, and strategic deployment of essential applications. Rigorous testing and continuous refinement guarantee the implementation of optimal security measures. The outcome is a cohesive and streamlined device management system that significantly enhances organizational productivity, while also bolstering the organization's overall data security infrastructure.

Week 1: Preparation

  • Kickoff: Meet key shareholders and refine the setup plan
  • Understand needs: Identify device types, OS, and security requirements.
  • Infrastructure readiness: Ensure Azure AD, licenses, and prerequisites are in place.
### Week 2: Configuration
  • Azure AD integration: Connect Intune with Azure AD for user and device management.
  • Device enrollment: Set up enrollment methods (Auto, User, Bulk) for seamless device onboarding.
  • Policies: Configure basic security and compliance policies for initial protection.
### Week 3: Application Deployment
  • App assessment: Identify critical apps for deployment via Intune.
  • App packaging: Prepare apps for Intune deployment (Win32, Store apps, LOB apps).
  • App deployment: Roll out apps to selected user groups using Intune policies.
### Week 4: Testing and Refinement
  • Testing phase: Enroll test devices, validate policies, and app deployment.
  • User training: Educate users on device enrollment and Intune's features.
  • Policy optimization: Fine-tune security policies based on testing feedback.
  • Documentation: Create comprehensive setup and management documentation.
Final Cost will vary based on number of machines and application implemented.