Cloud Readiness Assessment


Nasstar’s Microsoft Cloud Readiness Assessment is a modular workshop-based assessment to support a customer’s Microsoft cloud adoption ambitions.

Nasstar’s Microsoft Cloud Readiness Assessment is a modular workshop-based assessment, using Azure migrate methodology, that helps customers get started on their Azure journey or enables them to optimise their current environment. The assessment will cover the following topics:

// Insights into your current environment's alignment to best practice prerequisites. // Advice and guidance on areas of potential remediation. // A high-level view of a future Azure or Microsoft 365 environment, using published Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 standards, best practices defined by the Microsoft Cloud Security benchmark v1, and the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF).

This deep dive assessment produces an expertly crafted report highlighting the recommended end-state architecture across each Microsoft cloud area covering:

// Security posture // Data protection strategy // Governance practices // Solution architecture // Connectivity // Cost management position

A subsequent engagement will be to design the customers landing zone, thoroughly working through the topics covered above.

The benefits of Nasstar's Cloud Readiness Assessment include:

// Understanding your future cloud security posture; minimising reputational and financial impact associated with breaches. // Better understanding of your future Azure consumption and how to optimise the cost of an environment. // An assessment and recommendations of the governance baseline of an environment. // Optimising your landing zone design and provide a solid base for future deployments. // Assessment based on industry best practice standards (CAF and CIS). // We will incorporate a data protection and disaster recovery strategy.