Esri ArcGIS in Azure: 3-Wk Proof of Concept


GCS's ArcGIS/Azure Proof of Concept will introduce your organization to the benefits of an ArcGIS Azure cloud migration without risk and with minimal cost.


Week 1: Assessment, Environment Preparation, ArcGIS Installation & Configuration

  • Determine POC requirements via Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Identify ArcGIS business applications and data
  • Identify ArcGIS COTS (ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS GIS Server, ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server, ArcGIS Data Store, ArcGIS Notebooks, ArcGIS GeoEvent Server, ArcGIS Image Server; Enterprise Geodatabases; virtualized ArcGIS Pro (Desktop)
  • Identify deployment scenarios; replicated, auto-scaling, high-availability, geographic redundancy
  • Define ArcGIS Enterprise security model
  • Determine right size Azure resources
  • Define ArcGIS Azure POC System Design
  • Provision, install, configure ArcGIS COTS in Azure

Week 2: Migration

  • Migrate ArcGIS Enterprise configuration, i.e. WebGIS DR
  • Migrate POC spatial and non-spatial data
  • Migrate POC business applications
  • Validation of Migration

Week 3: Testing

  • Execution of Testing Scenarios
  • Validation of POC & Pilot objectives
  • Closure and Next steps


  • Bill of Material (BOM) with Azure Servers for selected ArcGIS system
  • ArcGIS architecture diagram
  • Azure infrastructure setup and configured ArcGIS System
  • ArcGIS Proof of Concept workload running in Azure

Please contact GCS today to commence your ArcGIS Cloud Digital Transformation journey.