HCLTech's Azure DevOps for .Net Applications

HCL Technologies Limited.

Briefing to help client understand Azure DevOps Capabilities, HCLTech's ADvantage Code .Net Platform based automated development process with Microsoft best practices for Application Modernizations

HCLTech’s ADvantage Code .Net (ADC.Net), a unique way of bringing productivity in application development on Microsoft Azure technologies via adding automation in the development process. It supports HCLTech's approach to platforms-based development towards creation of future-proof businesses.

Developers using ADC.Net could do code-generation using models and then enable DevOps for same. This enables initial boost to the developer and significant reduction in the development cycle.

Features of ADvantage Code .Net

  1. Build @ Scale - Build cloud and internet scale applications in rapid mode using ADC platform

  2. DevOps - Consistent and standardized DevOps process establishment via automaton in DevOps setup and configuration.

  3. Automating First - Identify the opportunity of automation and enable them via ADC.

  4. Developer Empowerment - Automate scaffolding to enable developer to focus on the business function

  5. Codified Best Practices - Embed Dev best practices into scaffolding, generated to codify the best practices instead of documentations.

  6. Model Driven Development - Model-driven development for faster bootstrapping of development project, including DevOps automations.

Benefits of Azure ADvantage Code .Net Platform Solution

  1. Bring consistency and standardization across development teams.

  2. Automate application scaffolding building to enable developer focus on solving the business problem.

  3. Codify the best practices in code scaffolding generated.

  4. Increase the quality of systems by automation.

  5. Get the knowledge, experience and best practices propagated across projects.

  6. Enable the full-stack development.

  7. Build a part of Non-Functional Requirements (NFRs) automatically in scaffolding to enable NFRs to take care from the start of development itself