HCLTech's Vendor Consolidation in Cybersecurity

HCL Technologies Limited.

Leverage Microsoft's Security Suite to Simplify and Strengthen Your Security Estate

Cybersecurity Vendor consolidation allows customers to review their current security state on azure cloud and identify areas for improvement in their security, cost reduction and operational efficiency by using different security solutions from Microsoft.

HCLTech provides a due diligence program to examine the existing azure cloud security state and build a case for how Microsoft's Security suite of products matches the customer's business and security goals and helps them enhance their security posture and meet the required security compliances. HCLTech consultants also advise on the security roadmap and milestones to achieve the benefits of adopting Security vendor consolidation.

HCLTech offers comprehensive services from Consult, Design, Deploy and Managed Services for all Microsoft migration projects across security domains including identity, data protection, cloud security, security monitoring and azure cloud infrastructure security.


  • Improved visibility and control over the security environment by using a single platform that integrates multiple security capabilities and provides a unified dashboard and reporting.

  • Reduced complexity and cost by simplifying the security architecture and eliminating redundant or overlapping solutions that increase the operational overhead and licensing fees.

  • Enhanced security and compliance by leveraging Microsoft's industry-leading security innovations and best practices that are built-in and constantly updated to address the evolving threat landscape and regulatory requirements.

  • Increased agility and scalability by adopting cloud-based security solutions that enable faster deployment, seamless updates and flexible scaling to meet the changing business and security needs.