App Migration: 2-Wk Assessment


Assess a key application to understand migration viability and determine path to move to Microsoft Azure.

You already know that migrating to cloud services can enable agility, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. However, you’re still unsure if your legacy application can be migrated or how you can modernize without breaking current features and functionality. During Intellinet’s App Migration Readiness Assessment, we’ll evaluate your application to give you confidence in the path forward.


Our team will evaluate:

  • System architecture
  • Development patterns and practices
  • Supporting databases
  • Supporting third party APIs and other dependencies
  • Infrastructure dependencies / requirements
  • Security dependencies

Our team will then develop a readiness plan, including:

  • Lift and shift strategies
  • Approaches for rearchitecture, if needed
  • Hosting cost analysis
  • Migration to PaaS components
  • Integration of PaaS security components (SSO, etc)

Benefits & Outcomes: At the end of this assessment, you’ll have a clear understanding of a path forward to hosting your application in Microsoft Azure or a better awareness of the challenges/barriers you may face to do so.