Azure Cloud: 4 week Assessment

IT Relation A/S

With an Azure Cloud: 4 week Assessment you get an analysis of how far your company is on the journey to Azure cloud right now - and what it takes to continue with next step on the journey.

The cloud offers countless possibilities that can create value for your business. Increased efficiency, mobility and security are just some of them. But the question is often how to move your business into the cloud and what should the next steps be? And not least, what does it cost? With an Azure Migrate Assessment from IT Relation you will get answers to all these questions as well as a journey on how to modernize your business in Azure using the relevant Azure services for your specific business needs.
Through interviews with IT stakeholders and scanning tools we will gather accurate data from and about your IT environment, including real-time details and identification of cloud transition blockers as well as assess the utilization of servers and application in order to create a cloud road map for your business. As an outcome of the assessment you will get a report that covers:

  • An examination of your business’ current utilization of cloud computing
  • A summary of potential gains by moving to Azure
  • A recommendation for next steps on the Azure journey
  • Estimates of the potential cost of running your environment in Azure

All in all, we will provide you with a well-informed foundation that makes it easier for you to make the right decision for your business in order to gain the benefit of modernizing your business in Azure as well as recommendation on how we can support you further in the actual migration og reaping the benefits from cloud.