AI Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) - 1Wk Brief


Productionise your machine learning models by the most efficient means possible .

Kainos MLOps leverages end-to-end DevOps and ML technologies on Microsoft Azure, industry best practice playbooks and model IP that enables organisations to quickly and efficiently transition from tactical to strategic use of data science in production at scale.​

MLOps will transform your adoption of data science using best practice to drive common policy, process and practice. It leverages cloud technologies while including playbooks and model tools that enable transition from tactical to strategic cloud data science in production at scale.

By establishing a shared set of guidelines, Kainos MLOps drives alignment between data science, engineering and operations teams. Kainos will provide you with a tailored service ranging from a Fully Managed Service to the enablement of inhouse teams based on your requirements.

What do you get?

Increase automation while maintaining the quality and security of data​

Ensure compliance with regulation for ML predictions and decision-making​

Adopt cloud scale for ML safely and confidently through standardisation ​

Optimise technical investment required to upskill and retrain ​

Reduce risk of failure through automation of monitoring and alerts for live services.​

This briefing session will be used, free of charge, to agree on the exact duration and price of the MLOps engagement and is subject to custom terms and conditions.