Microsoft Azure IoT Central Implementation: 5 Week


Microsoft Azure IoT Central - 5 Week Implementation

With this service offering, we will help customers leveraging the highly scalable and reliable Microsoft Azure IoT platform to address their IoT requirements. During the five weeks of implementation, we will start with analyzing the customer business requirements, design the solution using Azure IoT Central, configure and implement it. Following are the typical activities involved:

  • Device connectivity with Azure IoT Central (IoT and Edge devices)
  • Device template and device configuration
  • Rules building in Azure IoT Central
  • New commands configuration
  • Actions configuration using out of box options (email, web hook etc.)
  • Setting up dashboard and device telemetry view
  • Personalize the Azure IoT Central application
  • Enhance monitoring dashboard using MS Power BI

Please note that device side programming is something that we will evaluate first and separate estimates will be provided for that.