Azure Cost Optimisation: 2-Wk Assessment


Public cloud opens the door to a more agile, scalable and cost-effective IT estate. KCOM’s Cost Optimisation Services put you in control.

Cost Optimisation from KCOM analyses all aspects of your Azure usage. The modular offering identifies opportunities for improvement and then provides various means by which to address them. Information is customised to the unique business needs and objectives of each organisation.

KCOM’s Cost Optimisation Services provide organisations with analysis of their Azure infrastructure, complete with reports and recommendations. Performed regularly, this enables organisations to prioritise, plan and action optimisation activity on an ongoing basis.

View - gain visibility into your cloud usage and cost, identifying cost savings and areas for optimisation.

Insight - regular highly-focused optimisation reports and recommendations. The service provides consultation and guidance to help you optimise your IT estate.

Action - provides advice and best practice policies to help implement continuous cloud optimisation. Establish effective control policies, governance, monitoring and usage alerts.

Cost Optimisation free trial The road to cost optimisation begins with a snapshot of your current environment. We offer you a 14-day free trial to help you gain visibility and control of your cloud usage and cost.