Adversary Emulation Service 10 Day Assessment

Kontex Security Ltd

-Designing effective Azure Security Solutions -Proactive monitoring of events -Automate actions and responses -Unleashing your SIEM's power -Taking automation to the next level with Playbooks

Attackers can go undetected for long periods of time, so organisations need to continuously test their security team’s ability to detect and respond to today’s sophisticated, targeted attacks. Secondly, organisations need to validate that their current security controls and processes are effective against today’s evolving adversary Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs). Finally, you need to identify gaps in your current security posture to understand how an attacker may breach your network.

Kontex’s Adversary Emulation solution empowers Red and Blue Team members so that organisations can enhance their threat mitigation processes and extend the value of their current technology purchases, as well as discovering current Azure Cloud security solutions. Unlike technology-focused simulation tools and vendor driven engagements that walk security teams through the same, automated steps, Kontex’s approach is a fully-customisable emulation solution aligned with the attack campaigns that matter today.​

Our solution has been designed to empower your security teams with our easy-to-use, real-world emulations. You will be able leverage contextual business risk so that your Blue Teams can prioritise their vulnerability remediation activities by using real-world TTPs for a proactive approach to threat response and mitigation activities.

*TEST YOUR RESPONSE TO TARGETED ATTACKS​ -An Adversary Emulation Exercise allows your organisation to test your security team against the latest threats posing the greatest risk to your industry with a particular focus in the Azure cloud.

TEST THE EFFECTIVENESS OF SECURITY CONTROLS​ -A focus on objective-based testing demonstrates the effectiveness of your security controls and incident response processes.

EVALUATE YOUR MATURITY LEVEL​ Measure your organisation’s cybersecurity maturity level by evaluating it across the phases of the MITRE ATT&CK framework.​