Application Modernization and Migration: 4 Week Assessment

Korcomptenz Inc

Partner with us to modernize your legacy applications and achieve a competitive edge while kickstarting your journey towards becoming a cloud-native organization with Microsoft Azure.

Korcomptenz is a global IT services provider that helps organizations realize business value, achieve compliance, and manage costs by enabling the use of cloud across the entire business.

As a Microsoft applications & Azure cloud partner and Managed IT service provider for many customers, KORCOMPTENZ brings a unique blend of skills across areas such as Enterprise Applications (ERP, CRM, etc.), Application Modernization (most technology stacks), Advanced Analytics, AI, Cloud, and IoT. This allows us to design custom solutions that enable you to lift and transform your applications’ move to the cloud, in a seamless and cost-effective manner thereby digitalizing your entire value chain for positive business outcomes.

In today's cloud first world, digital transformation is driving new business models, opening new opportunities / markets and creating compelling ways to connect with customers. Organizations that realize this are looking to modernize their applications. Korcomptenz presents a practical approach to start your app modernization journey. We understand that your business complexities may pose a unique challenge of picking the right application modernization model and the corresponding business processes that should undergo migration. We assist you with your entire app modernization lifecycle.

Our app migration strategy includes a deep dive understanding of all your applications whether there is a real need to modernize all of your apps or build a new one with a new Microsoft Azure cloud-native technology stack. Our assessment includes conducting several Q&A / Design Thinking sessions with various stakeholders including the App & the Database owners, users, etc., which enables us to establish a strong case for modernizing your legacy application & databases.

The assessment parameters we typically evaluate are:

  1. Business process & application mapping
  2. Ease of usage and maintenance costs
  3. Assessment of legacy databases/ datasets & prioritization, Compatibility of App vs DB server
  4. Scalability & Performance
  5. Technology & infrastructure stack
  6. Licensing
  7. Microsoft Azure cloud compatibility
  8. Assess the current status quo of legacy application/business process whether it should be retired or modernized.
  9. Build a migration plan based on KOR methodology


  1. Assessment of legacy applications
  2. Assessment of legacy databases/datasets
  3. Analysis of migration readiness
  4. Recommendations on app modernization based on roadmap
  5. Recommendations on data modernization
  6. Business case-based migration plan


  1. Kickstart your journey to become a cloud-native enabled business with Microsoft Azure
  2. Overcome challenges of app & data modernization
  3. Get a competitive edge
  4. Sustainability & enable cloud cost optimization

Refer to our app modernization approach:

*Please note that the assessment timeline will differ as per the size of your application stack and other factors. The 4-week plan will primarily include assessment of your current apps that need modernization.