Automate Everywhere with Ansible on Azure: Advisory, Implementation, and Managed Services

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Work with Kyndryl to bring innovative cloud automation content solutions to market with agility, efficiency and predictability.

Automation is the heart of the infrastructure modernization revolution. Modern enterprises require Intelligent Automation across its estate to enable efficiency, agility, & client satisfaction. Examples include:

  • Public cloud automation for public, hybrid and multicloud deployments
  • Intelligent automations for Application migrations, modernizations and managed services
  • Automation Content for Process Automation Management, Cloud and Edge Solutions
  • Optimized Infrastructures for specialty workloads including Edge, Big Data / Analytics, AI/ML and VDI

Kyndryl is a leader in automation, with the largest Ansible Implementation worldwide, approaching 100 million automations performed monthly, thousands of automation modules created via a community development approach, and with thousands of Kyndryl engineers educated on Ansible and Kyndryl’s community model. With Kyndryl, customers have achieved 90-95% reduction in code promotion cycle time for their CI/CD pipepline, and 90% reduction in provisioning time for multicloud automation.

Kyndryl Automation Professional Services

Kyndryl automation professional services helps enterprises advance in their automation maturity of IT and business processes leveraging automation adoption framework, intelligent reusable assets and best in class automation expertise. These services help customers in their ability to innovate faster, reduce nonvalue added activities and enable them to focus on their core business.

Kyndryl services for automation makes the customer journey to cloud more agile, efficient, secure and predictable. It is based on the principle of automation first and utilizes blueprints for deploying heterogeneous workloads across multiple topologies. Kyndryl provides automation solution for both container and virtualized workloads that can be consumed by various personas, such as development teams, application users, and operations teams.

Enable digital transformation with a controlled, expert-led transition through cloud modernization

In recent years, many enterprises rushed to modernize IT in response to workforce displacement, supply chain issues, and consumer demand challenges in the wake of the pandemic. However, this rush led to some unintended outcomes, like complexity and increased costs. Without the right mix of planning, strategy, and skills, many businesses modernize with only limited gains in efficiencies, innovation, and insight.

Kyndryl can help. We design infrastructure and application modernization services around our customers’ needs and deliver them on the Microsoft® Azure platform that meets their unique requirements. Whether you are looking to fix issues, develop a strategy, engage managed services, or further modernize and protect your applications and infrastructure, end-to-end services from Kyndryl can help you translate your challenges into powerful business outcomes.

  • Enable digital transformation with a controlled, expert-led transition through cloud modernization.
  • Enhance user experience and work location flexibility by providing employees with a consumer experience.
  • Improve business outcomes through data management and AI- infused operations that yield intelligent insights.
  • Protect data modernization and migration efforts with enterprise-grade privacy.

Kyndryl Automation Professional Services helps enterprises with the adoption of cloud automation:

  • Providing multi-skilled cloud automation experts across all major public cloud providers and private cloud environments
  • Offering a rich set of Infrastructure-as-Code accelerators to help enterprises gain ~90% efficiency in provisioning virtual infrastructure needs
  • Helping converge fragmented automation initiatives y enabling an automation fabric for enterprises
  • Accelerating our customers’ automation journey through a rich bouquet of standard ready-to-use technology agnostic automation assets
  • Accelerating and integrating business processes based on customer needs through ad-hoc, custom automation

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Terms, conditions, duration, and pricing are custom to each engagement. Please contact us to discuss a solution to meet your business needs. Offer availability may be limited in some countries.

Kyndryl and Microsoft: Our Partnership