Data Estate Modernization, Governance, Analytics & AI: Advisory, Implementation and Managed Services

Kyndryl Inc.

Kyndryl helps clients assess, design, and execute an enterprise Data Estate Modernization strategy using Microsoft Purview, Synapse, and other Azure services to achieve significant business objectives

Organizations continue to face challenges in realizing business benefits because of the wide range of technology, skillset gaps, and complexity of projects. As client business units gather more data, scalable data management and robust governance will continue to challenge organizations. Accelerating new insights through data intelligence and quickly delivering an integrated view of high-quality business data delivers modernization and cloud adoption that combines data lake, data warehouse, data analytics and AI on a single platform. To enable regulatory compliance and business value, robust data governance is required. Kyndryl can help organizations achieve desired business outcome by providing advisory, modernization, and managed services.

Kyndryl’s Data Consulting & Implementation Services transform and modernize your legacy systems with a solid data foundation and platform to enable reliable, modular, and scalable data and AI solutions that power your business forward. Kyndryl’s Data Estate Assessment complements our Data Assessment & Governance Framework by automatically discovering data sources and data affinity to create a data modernization strategy and roadmap at the organization level, BU level, or business case level.

Kyndryl provides Data Estate Modernization Services to:

  • Design and build new data platforms and services on Azure and on-premises infrastructure
  • Migrate existing data, data models, and data services from legacy systems to Microsoft’s Intelligent Data Platform, including ML, AI, Cognitive Services, etc.
  • Implement data pipelines to centralize data to Azure Synapse and develop insights
  • Implement data governance for ongoing data management using Microsoft Purview to discover, classify, and govern sensitive data across all or a select set of databases and unstructured data stores across your on-premises, public cloud, and hybrid data landscape
  • Gain comprehensive insight into the location of sensitive data in your data estate, and understand how data travels throughout your organization & across organizational boundaries
  • Mitigate compliance and privacy risks associated with the widespread use and sharing of data within your organization and data-sharing ecosystem

Kyndryl’s Data Platform Managed Services help organizations maintain their data lakes and data warehouses and reduce overhead to manage complex data platforms, and ensure cost-efficiency, reliability, security, and sustainability through the following functions:

  • Managing data infrastructure, workflows, pipelines, sources, endpoints, and models by leveraging an Augmented Analytics Console
  • Monitoring deviations from expected behavior using proven incident management flows for service recovery
  • Ensuring platform currency through regular patching and upgrades
  • Implementing industry-standard technical specifications to harden data platforms against known exploits
  • Recording data/metadata to evaluate accuracy, lineage, quality, and consistency

Our Methodology:

  • Phase 1 Assess| Data Estate Assessment
  • Phase 2 Define | Data Estate Design Workshop
  • Phase 3 Pilot | Modernization of Data Lifecycle Pilot
  • Phase 4 Build | Data Estate Modernization Services
  • Phase 5 Move | Migrate Data, Models & Services to Azure Modern Data Platforms
  • Phase 6 Operate | Manage Ongoing Data Ecosystem at Scale

Customer Benefits:

  • Meaningful insights from your entire data estate
  • Better analytics to understand needs for improved customer experiences and operational efficiencies
  • Simplified data governance & compliance management
  • Reduced costs for data management due to Kyndryl’s flexible and modular services
  • Data & Analytics systems performance improvements
  • Better productivity and business-user effectiveness via low-code/no-code tools
  • Scalable advanced analytics, machine learning and AI for faster, more effective innovation & operations
  • Faster time to value - discover sensitive data in inherited platforms quickly, and promptly enforce policies on its use

Kyndryl is the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider with decades of experience managing sensitive data for thousands of enterprise customers. Kyndryl can help leverage Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks, Power BI, and Microsoft Purview to create a holistic data platform and governance using Microsoft best practices.

Terms, conditions, duration, and pricing are custom to each engagement. Please contact us to discuss a solution to meet your business needs. Offer availability may be limited in some countries.

Kyndryl and Microsoft: Our Partnership