Microsoft Fabric Discovery: 4 Hr. Workshop


Get an overview of Fabric through a practical showcase of this all-in-one analytics platform and assess how Fabric fits into your current data strategy

Microsoft Fabric is an all-in-one analytics solution for enterprises that covers everything from data movement to data science, Real-Time Analytics, and business intelligence. It offers a comprehensive suite of services, including data lake, data engineering, and data integration, all in one place and powered by AI.

The platform is built on a foundation of Software as a Service (SaaS), which takes simplicity and integration to a whole new level..

Why you should get started with Microsoft Fabric

While Fabric is still in public purview it is now the the right time to get familiar with the possibilities and benefits that this integrated data and analytics platform can offer:

  • Timely, actionable data insights through a simplified architecture.
  • Empower business users with experiences deeply integrated in Microsoft 365
  • Reduce TCO with Pay per use cost model, reduce administrative overhead and no data duplication
  • Ease the administrative and governance burden and unify entire data estate on one architecture.
  • Leverage AI powered experiences like Copilot to increase productivity of data management activities


First Hour

Overview of key features and capabilities of Microsoft Fabric platform Overview same as briefing

Second Hour

Showcase of Fabric through use cases: Experiences, data mesh and how Open AI


Third and Fourth Hour

Getting started with Data Fabric:

  • Platform readiness and Considerations
  • How Fabric fits into your current the data strategy:
    • High-level review of your current data landscape
    • How Microsoft Fabric could be utilized to gain maximum value as early as possible.
    • Alternatives comparison
  • Identify use cases for POC
  • Wrap-up and next steps

Workshop Outcomes

By the end of the workshop, the audience will get a clear understanding of what are possibilities and benefits of Microsoft Fabric and initial evaluation on how this solution can be leveraged in their current data ecosystem.