Application Modernization and Innovation: 2-Hours Workshop

Marlabs Inc .

In this free 2-hours workshop, we will discuss with you to understand your business and technology needs and define an application migration roadmap to modernize your legacy applications.

Cloud technologies are at the center of the digital transformation revolution. Modern applications transform customer engagement with cross-device experiences, cloud capabilities, and data-driven intelligence. Your business can achieve greater speed, scalability, and performance by modernizing legacy applications, building cloud-native applications on Azure, and even expand with Azure Cognitive Services, Data and Insights.

We provide customers with solutions to design, build, launch, modernize and reliably scale websites and applications using the Microsoft Azure application platform and supporting solutions, such as containers and microservices. We help customers innovate with new cloud-native apps and expand with specialized capabilities such as Azure Cognitive Services.

In this workshop, we will do a high-level discovery of your digital application vision, modernization objectives, business outcomes, business justification, technology landscape and show how we leverage Marlabs Cloud Framework (MCF) to provide guidance, insights and mechanisms to discover, assess and migrate your legacy workloads to the cloud and innovate with cloud-native technologies.